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Girls! Have you heard the latest scandalous rumour???


Well, rest assured... We have all the juicy details here for you!

It seems that good ol' Lily Munster enjoys things a little bit darker than she leads us to believe....

We heard she enjoys a bit of black!

And we don't mean a bit of black magick!

We have heard that she absolutely loves a BLACK DRESS!

And here is the proof!

The Wicked Lily Black Gown.....


We have created this sinister gown in the most silky black satin, with a beautiful black scroll braid trim. 

The sleeves are crafted in deadly and ghostly black chiffon which floats behind you as you glide around the graveyard.

Dress is fully tailored and lined.


Made to Order Only in UK Sizes 6 - 34 or Made to Measure at no extra charge.

We do not charge extra for larger sizes.


Questions? Please email us!



Wicked Lily Vampire Gown

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