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We all love a good wedding right?

I mean, what's not to love? Plenty of love, food, dancing and merriment!

Oh and just so often, a big bit of bloodshed! weddings tend to be the best; a Vampire Bride just dying to get her fangs in her man or woman!

But the best part is - the blood soaking through the delicate white gown.....who said romance was dead eh? ;)


How beautiful and romantic is our 'til Death Us Do Part Wedding Gown?

Hand crafted with deadly love in beautiful chiffon; it floats whilst you walk making you the most ethereal bride in the graveyard crypt.


The bodice is fully fitted, with a coffin gathering at the centre. The skirting is full and gathered with a ghostly trim. And oh....those SLEEVES!

Perfectly Medieval with a Boho twist!


This has to be one of the most flattering and romantic Bridal Gowns ever.

If you're planning your wedding - this is the dress you need.

Available in various colours.

Made to Order Only in UK Standard sizing 6-32 or Made to Measure at no extra cost.


Want a customisation? Email us your requirements.


'til Death Us Do Part Bridal Dress

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