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Sometimes vampires die.
Well, not die really; unless that dastardly sunshine gets them - then they're dead! Kaplut. No more.
But most of the time, they just get a stake through the heart and fall into a deep, deep sleep. A sleep which can be awoken only by someone deadly and wicked.
So now, let us tell you about the tale of Sabina, The Ressurection Witch.
Sabina didn't live in the middle ages - she lived in the 1940s.
A friend of Vampires worldwide, she was the one they called when a stake was rammed deep into the black heart of one of them; they knew Sabina was the one to ressurect the evil.
The job was a bloody one, and Sabina always ended up covered in the black glistening blood of a Vampire.
Our stunning Resurrection Apron is designed to keep those stray splashes of blood off your Sunday Best - whether you're attempting your own Vampire Resurrection, or just having a little taste of the ol' red stuff straight from the neck!
Hand crafted in gorgeous sheer chiffon, our apron has three faux leather crosses. Look great whilst cleaning the blood from your castle or haunted house...
One Size.
Chiffon available in black, white, red, purple, lime green or baby pink.
Can also be made in childrens sizing - please email us with your requirements.

The Vampire's Resurrection Apron

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