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The witch who lives in our village has seven daughters!

Yes... you read it right - SEVEN DAUGHTERS!

And each one of those daughters was evil beyond belief.....


So let us tell you the tale of her first born...affectionately named Envy.

Born in the dead of night, her hair was as black as the midnight sky; her eyes as green as a meadow in summer.

But behind those eyes lay a deadly sin...the sin of envy.

And Envy used her beauty to take what everyone else had.

Including their lives.


Well now, isn't our Envy Gown the most delicious thing you ever did see?

Hand crafted in the softest faux black leather, the gown is fugure hugging with a stunning mermaid hemline.

The sleeves are quite simply  amazing! We have given them a cold shoulder, and lined them in either black or contrast satin.

Top of the sleeves can be either left down or we can attach them to give a wonderful Tudor-esque puff sleeve effect.

Bodice is lined. Skirting is unlined in order to stretch to fit.


Made to Order Only in Standard UK sizes 6 - 34 or Made to Measure.




The Deadly Sin of Envy Dress

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