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So, good ol' Drac enjoys a drop or two of the red stuff doesn't he?

In particular he seems to enjoy the taste of those rare to find virgins!

So this makes us wonder what Draccy's blood tastes like?

Well, we heard a little tale around the graveyard........


It was a cold dark night, and (you guessed it), the wind was howling around the headstones in the local ghoul hangout.

Ol' Drac had been out for a pint, but ended up having one too many. We all know what that does to a vampire don't we? 

Yep, the Prince of Darkness was only Bloody Drunk! 


Since it was such a beautiful night, he decided to take a drunken stroll through the graveyard. 


For lurking in the shadows was Violetta, a recently deceased victim of blood draining. And who drained her of blood? 

Yep, the one and only Drac!

And now Violetta was hungry. She was hungry for blood. And walking past her grave was the King of Blood himself.

Rumour has it that Violetta, in her crazed thirst for blood, almost drained Drac. For in his drunken state he was no match for a newly born Vampire looking for her first taste of the red stuff!

We heard that this first taste of blood was quite divine for Violetta, and that she hasn't tasted anything quite as tasty again.......and as for Drac, you'll be pleased to hear he enjoys his tipples in moderation these days ;)


Our Taste The Blood of Dracula Bag is bloody amazing!

We have hand crafted it in beautiful glossy rigid PVC with silky satin lining, and trimmed it with long fringing. And to protect you from all things Godly we have given you the gift of an inverted cross.

How thoughtful are we? ;)


Bag is made to order only and available in black/red, black/purple, black/white, black/lime green.

Taste The Blood of Dracula Bag

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