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We hear there is one in every town....

You know. Those ladies who marry a number of times and their husbands seem to just....disappear!

Well, here in the town of Gothsville we have a very special BLACK WIDOW!

Spinderella she is affectionately known as , and she has seen off around 20 husbands now...and not a trace of any of them.

Want to know the rumour? 

She feeds them the venom of her spiders, then drops their lifeless bodies in a vat of acid in her cellar.

Not a trace of flesh has ever been found in her house of those dear departed souls!


In homage to the one and only Spinderella we have designed the stunnings spooky Spinderella, The Black Widow Corset.

Hand crafted, this corset carries 16 metal bones for a stunning silhouette.

We have hand sewn a delicate spiderweb on panels in beautiful beading.

The centre front has beautiful faceted buttons.

Corset laces via eyelets in the back.


Available made to order only in sizes 6-32 or made to measure at no extra cost.

Corset will measure 4 inches less than waist measurement for standard sizing.

Available in black/red, blacl/white, black/lime green, black/pale pink, black/purple.

Spinderella the Black Widow Metal Boned Couture Corset

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