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Come now Girls, admit it. We all enjoying casting a little spell now and then don't we?

And thats just fine and dandy!

However, there comes a problem when you become addicted to the ol' Black Magic (and we're not talking boxes of chocolates here).

Anything can happen and it often does....who remembers when the old hag from down Cemetary Lane cast her love spell over the young farmers son??? That really ended well! When she realised he wasn't up to standard "wink" "wink", the only way she could get rid of him was down the well! So yeah... you could say that went..WELL!!! ;)

And the list goes on.. and on... and on...


But listen here ladies...nothing can go wrong with this little number!

It is constructed with a cotton outer, coutil inter and has a silky lining. 

It carries 16 metal bones, which certainly do the trick! Fastening with a front busk, the corset has tight lacing in the back.


We can offer this deadly delightful corset in various colour combinations, and we are always happy to work with our clients to get the desired result! Email us!


Made to order only.



Spellbound Metal Boned Corset

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