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As children we are always told really scary things by our elders.
One of the timeless sayings has got to be "I woudln't like to meet HIM down a dark alley".
Who else heard this as a little gothling??? And what images did it conjure up in your mind???

Well, we are so sorry to tell you, that this classic horror warning of dark alleys and strangers are true....and it's the Femme Fatales you need to be scared of!
Yes, Ladies & Gentlemen, you wouldn't want to meet our protagonist in this little spooky story.

Legend has it that in every town and city in the whole land of Spooksville, there is a dark alley.....which only appears at Hallowe'en!
So yes, whilst you are out Trick or Treating in your spooky finery, a dark back alley will suddenly be there; something you have never noticed before.
We are now warning you - DO NOT GO DOWN THE SPOOKY BLACK ALLEY!!!!!

For down that alley you will meet the most alluring Femme Fatale, who will take your soul and turn your heart the darkest black of black!
And how will you recognise her? Her hair is black, her skin is white and her ayes a liquid green.
With lips of blood red, and nails to match she will seduce you to your death......

In tribute to all you Femme Fatales, we bring you our Creepy and Kooky 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' Skirt.
We have hand crafted this skirt in beautiful cotton fabric; available in a variety of colours.
The skirt is adorned with two PVC batwing pockets, and delicate little bows.
This skirt is mega tight, with lacing down the back to pull it as tight as possible.
We have given it a deep chiffon frill to add a little bit of sassiness.

Fully lined with back zip fastening.

Made to order only in standard UK sizes, or custom made to measure at no extra charge.
We do not charge extra for larger sizes.

'Something Wicked This Way Comes' Creepy Gothic Skirt

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