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Are you sitting comfortably?
You are?
Are your doors and windows locked?
They are?
I sincerely hope so!

We are going to tell you the tale of "The Ghoul from Sinister Lane".
Please don't turn off the lights........

In every town or city, in the whole world, there is a lane. That lane is called "Sinister Lane".
It's not usually signposted, and you probably walk past it everyday without realising.
But it's there....

And down this lane, there lives a little ghoul. In life she was beautiful and kind... in an eternity of undeath she is wicked.
Her skin is a porcelain white, her hair a deadly black, her lips the colour of death.
Her heart is filled with hate, her soul consumed with vengence.

She knows where you live.
The tapping you hear at your door, or window, long after darkness?
The gust of a breeze you hear, the chill of ice you feel?
It's her... the Ghoul from Sinister Lane.
You are hers.

Don't look out the window. Don't open your door.
The Ghoul from Sinister Lane will take you.
You'll never be seen again!

In memory of the lost soul of the Girl from Sinister Lane, we give you our Sinister Ghoul Dress.
Handcrafted in creepy cotton blend fabric, the gown is trimmed with deadly black satin.
We have added 4 large black buttons down the centre panels, enclosed between ribbon stripes.
The dress is fully lined and has an attached underskirt udged in black gathered dress net.
Back zip fastening.

Made to order only, in standard UK sizes Newborn - 5 Years, or custom made to measure.

The Ghoul from Sinister Lane Creepy Gothic Dress

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