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We all love a little bit of Lucifer don't we?

Let's face it- what's not to love?

After all...he is rather HOT! "wink" "wink"

Another thing we hear on the Hell Grapevine is that he enjoys a dominant woman! You know, he enjoys being told what to do behind those closed doors down in the pits of Hell.

So yeah, he really is out type of guy......


How stunning is our Shout at The Devil Skirt?

Inspired by those beautiful boys, Motley Crue - we have created this sex-on-legs skirt in the softest black faux leather, with the most evil red PVC trim with deadly silver studs.

And so you can do your Three Hail Satans, we have attached a beautiful satanic pendant.


Made to order only in Standard Sizing UK 6 - 32 or Made to Measure at no extra cost.

For customisation, please email us with your requirements.


Shout at The Devil Hollywood Princess Skirt

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