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This is our Sample/Prototype of our creepy little Baba Elphaba Wiked Witch Dress & Cape - to fit age 12 months approx.

For this gown to be made to measure/order we charge £55.00.

Chest to fit 18in, Waist to fit 19in and the overall length of the dress is 16in.


There are no imperfections that we can see; however there may be some slight stitch errors which are not visble when wearing.

It has only been used for photographic reasons (on a mannequin), and then put in storage.

The dress will be steam cleaned, pressed and sprayed with fabreze prior to shipping to ensure freshness and cleanliness.


For full details of our Baba Elphaba Gown & Cape please click HERE


PLEASE NOTE - We do not accept returns for our Sample Sale items.

SAMPLE SALE! Baba Elphaba Gothic Witch Dress & Cape

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