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They do say that beauty is only skin deep....

And well, in this case that is definately TRUE!


If you are sitting comfortably we will tell you the tale of the one and only Madam Alchemy....

Yes, Madam Alchemy was indeed beautiful, however underneath that beauty, there lay a blackened heart filled with lust and evil.


For Madam Alchemy was only ever happy when she was being wicked!

Casting dark and devilish spells on those around her was infact her favourite pastime!

And boy, was she good at it!

We don't think there was a poor soul in town whom Madam Alchemy didn't play her wicked games with!


In tribute to the wonderful legend of Madam Alchemy, we give you our "Madam Alchemy the Vengeful Witch Gown".

This is a truly enchanting gown handcrafted in the softest black faux leather and deepest black dress netting.

The bodice is fully fitted with a halter neck styling.

The underbust area can be tightened with a stunning black ribbon laced via eyelets.

The skirting is full and gathered, and has drapes of ghostly black chiffon and ribbon.

The back is laced up via eyelets.

Fully lined.

Mistress Web Gown

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