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Roll Up! Roll Up!
Come see the most evil little showgirl on Earth!


Ladies and Gentlemen...may we introduce you to the one and only Mademoiselle Barnum!

How cute is she? How Delicate and demure....
But behind that little smile lies a truly wicked soul!

Did you hear what she did to the Bearded Lady?
Did we hear you say "NO" ?????
Well let us tell you.....she only shaved her beard of in the dead of night as the poor woman lay sleeping!

And what about the conjoined twins?!?
They never did find the bloody axe she used to chop them apart.
Such a tragedy!

The tale of Tom Thumb is qhite horrific too!
She decided he needed to be taller so nailed some planks of wood to his poor little legs!

Our advice is to be very wary of cute and dainty Mademoiselle Barnum!

Our little gown is designed in homage to the wonderful world of sideshows and carnivals.
It is hand crafted with love using beautiful and striking striped cotton fabric with a fitted bodice and flared skirt.
The skirting has a gorgeous deep trim in devil black cotton.
We have given the dress a stunning little droopy neck bow, which is inspired by those wicked ladies of Victorian times.
Dress is fully lined, and has a full dress netting frill on the lining.
Back zip fastening.

Colours available - red/black, white/black, yellow/black, red/green, purple/green,  pink/white.


Made to order only in UK standard sizes Newborn - 5 Years or Custom Made to Measure.


Can also be made in Adult Sizes.

Mademoiselle Barnum The Wicked Little Showgirl Gothic Dress

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