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They do say black cats are lucky don't they?

And oh my! How adorable are little black kittens??


But did you know that some of those adorable black kittens are also killers??

And they only become vicious killers one night a year??

Yes.. on Hallowe'en!

Hiding in pumpkins, they pounce in the dead of night when all in the house are sleeping; ripping throats open with their razor sharp claws... then leaving cute little bloody paw prints around the home........


This adorable little gown is created in honour of all those Kilelr Kitties out there.

We have hand crafted it in stunning vintage style fabric showing one of those little killers in a cute pumpkin patch!

Dress is fully tailored and fitted, with a stunning flared skirting.

Trimmed at the waist and hem with deadly black organza.


Made to Order Only in ages Newborn  - 5 Years. 

We can also create this gown in adult sizes and for older children. Please email us for details.


Killer Kitty Party Dress

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