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We have a beautiful little graveyard in our town... it's a place where the Ghosts and Ghouls can play safely...without interference from those City types!

Ahh blissful....when the sun goes down and the moon begins to rise.. .that's when the children come out to play.

Hiding behind the headstones, playing that old childhood favourite of Hide and Seek.

And when the moon begins to go  down, and the sun starts to spray its shimmer over the graves of the Undead... the children start to gather the dying flowers with happiness and glee before hiding from the daylight again in their resting places underground.

And quiet reigns again ......until nightfall!


How deadly and flirtatious is our ballerina style DeadFlowers Skirt?

We created this design many many moons ago, but felt it needed to be resurrected.

What do all you Ghouls think?


Style: Ballerina TuTu, Knee Length, Dropped Waist, Back Zip Fastening.


Materials: Velvet, Polyester Lining, Dress Netting / Tulle, Ribbon, Ribbon Roses.


Sizing: UK Standard 6 - 36 or Made To Measure.


Our Dead Flowers Skirt is simply to die for! 

Designed to make any Ghoul look and feel like a delicate rose in bloom.


Order yours now! 


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Made to Order Only.




Dead Flowers in The Graveyard Gothic Lolita Skirt

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