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They do say that all children are born innocent, and yes that does seem to be true...

Take the case of little Cordelia; born as pure as the angels,  with a beauty to match.


But something happened. Something terrible happend.

Her mother didn't notice the bat flapping aroud outside Cordelia's window that fateful night.

If she had, she surely wouldn't have left the window open??


Cordelia was never the same.

Some said she was turned that night.

Turned into a Vampire.

Who knows? All that is said is that she developed a terrible thirst as she grew. A terrible thrist for blood!

Cordelia was confined in a room underneath the local church. They dressed her in white, and placed a large heavy black cross around her neck.

Cordelia was never seen again......


Our Cordelia Dress is perfect for your little vampire; especially if she is attending a party!

We have crafted it using cotton fabric, and it is fully lined.

It is fully tailored, with a black faux leather collar and large black faux leather cross.

The skirting is full, pleated with a deep trim of dress net. This then has a black edging and black button detail.

The underlining has a frill of matching edged dress net.

Back Zip fastening.


Made to order only in UK standard sizes Newborn - 5 Years, or custom made to measure.


Crucified Cordelia The Vampire Child Dress

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