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They say that the Countess was a great beauty.

Young in looks.

But wicked in ways.

Bathing in the blood of young virgins was her fave pastime we hear.

It worked magical wonders on her delicate skin.

To preserve her beauty for all eternity.....


How Magical and Medieval is our Countess Bathory BloodLust Wedding Gown?

Handcrafted in silky soft crushed velvet, with a regal trim of beautiful damask.

The dress has a fully tailored and fitted bodice, semi gathered skirting, draped full sleeves and a separate fitted belt.

Dress is fully lined, with the sleeves being part-lined.

Back zip fastening.


Available in many different coulorways.


Made to Order Only in standard UK sizes 6 - 32 or Made to Measure at no extra costs.

We do not charge extra for larger sizes.


Countess Bathory BloodLust Wedding Dress

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