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We all enjoy a good ol' Sunday Afternoon Fete don't we?

You know the ones.... plenty of sunshine...the village green.....and of course lots of dark hidden secrets! What blissful FUN for a Sunday Afternoon....


Clarice also enjoyed the Fetes held in her little village.

Clarice was only 6 years old; with the mind of a 300 year old Witch that is!

And it was that mind which she used when making her delicate little cupcates to sell at the Fete... all to raise money for the local Church. Oh how kind Clarice was.....


Clarice carefully gathered her ingredients, including the special one, of course and like magic whipped up a batch of her special cakes.

And on the day of the fete those delecable mouthwatering little pieces of heaven certainly didn't dissappoint.

Within hours of selling all her goodies, Clarice could hear the screams ringing around the village....

Clarice's secret ingredient? Her favourite ....Wolf's Bane.


Clarice smiled sweetley to herself. Her cupcaked were a killer success!


How sweet and deadly is our Poisoned Cupcake Party Gown?

We have crafted it is in beautiful black and white cotton harlequin fabric, with cordinating dress netting, straps and buttons.

The gown fastens in the back via a zip.

Made to an incredibly high standard, this little number is made to order.


We can also make this gown in adult sizes, and for Drag Queens & Female Impersonators.


Contrast Colours available: Lime Green, Red, Purple, White, Black, Violet, Yellow, Hot Pink, Flo Orange.


If you require any customisation, please email us. We are always happy to oblige!



'Clarice and the Poisoned Cupcake' Spooky Party Dress

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