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Today is Tilly's Birthday.

She was born 4 years ago on this very day.

And today, Tilly's mother decided to hold a party for her little ghoul...oops, we mean girl....and her friends.

Unfortunately it did not go to plan.

Within seconds of blowing the candles, Tilly snatched a knife from her dear mother's hand and released the Devil itself!

The sheer carnage which followed is far to horrific to talk about... however Tilly's brand new white bithday gown ended up splattered in the scarlet blood of her friends and mother.

Tilly then sat down and ate a slice of birthday cake.......


Our Bloodbath Birthday Party Gown is the ultiamte in horror fashion for your little ghoul!

It is hand crafted in the most beautiful and bloodcurdling splatter fabric.

We have fully tailored it and it is fully lined with a sweet net underskirt frill edged in blood red.

We have added a blood red organza sah at the waist with red faceted blood dop buttons.

Fully lined with a back zipo fastening.

Also available in black with red blood splatter.


This gown is made to order in standard Age Newborn - 5 years or made to measure at no extra charge.

We can also adapt this gown for adults and Drag Queens - Email us to discuss.

Bloodbath Birthday Party Horror Gown

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