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Have you heard the legend of Bettie BloodSucker?
Well, take a seat and let us tell you.....


As legend has it, back in the year 1956 there lived a beautiful girl named Bettie.
Bettie didn't have many friends; she was a shy and studious girl.
One night, Bettie needed to run an errand and although it was dark, she decided to walk the short trip to the store.
Bettie was never seen again; well not in the normal sense.....

You see, locals claim to see her every so often creeping around the graveyard; but it's not the Bettie that everyone knew.
It's a dark, twisted Bettie who has a lust for blood. A deranged beauty, who takes the life of others to gorge on their blood and satisfy her cravings.....


Our stunning Bettie BloodSucker Gown is the perfect gown, for spooky vintage vamps!
Hand crafted using gorgeous leopard print cotton fabric, it is fully fitted and figure hugging. The skirting is full and made in red and black dress net.
The bustline is amazing! Crafted in rouched and gathered red dress net, which is edged in black.
Back zip fastening

This is one hell of a bloodthirsty gown!

Gown is only available in red/black.
Made to Order Only in UK Sizes 6 - 34 or Custome Made to Measure

Bettie BloodSucker Gothabilly Vintage Style Dress

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