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The year is 1863 and Alice is awoken from a dream of Wonderland by a house fire.

Her parents are dead. She is severely traumatised.

Alice is placed in an Asylum. Alice is in a coma.

But Alice is still in Wonderland; a wonderland so different from the place she remembers.

Wonderland is Dark.

Alice must destroy the Queen of Hearts.....


C'mon guys, anyone who loved Alice, also loved American McGee's Alice too right? Or was it only us dark souls who enjoyed the darker side of Wonderland?

Either way, how bloody (bloody...get it?) is our Alice in a world of Madness Costume?

We have hand crafted this little number in blue cotton blend fabric with an innocent white apron....which of course is stained with blood!

Dress is fully lined.


Also available for Adults (female & male body), Pre-Teens & Young Teens, and dolls). Please email us with your requirements.

Adult Size is £225.00 GBP, Pre- Teen is £145.00, Young Teen is £165.00, Doll Gown is £45.00


Made to Order only, in standard age/sizes or made to measure at no extra cost.

Alice in a World of Madness Cosplay Costume

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