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So, The Dark Lord took himself a wife.

"A wife?" we hear you say.......

Yep. He took himself a little wife -her name was Alice.

But Alice wasn't quite the "little wife" our Dark Lord thought she was.


For Alice was indeed a gal with a deadly black heart.... far more dark than that of her master and husband.

You see, Alice came from the family of Crowley; a family so evil that even the deadliest demon would quake in his boots!


And well.... Alice has a plan.

A plan which see her become the most feared "little housewife" in history.

Our Dark Lord is in for quite a surprise....


Our Alice Crowley Dress is hand crafted in the most dark and deadly black lightweight cotton blend fabric.

It is fully lined in silky poly lining with a trim of gathered netting.

We have styled this stunning gown on both Wednesday Addams and the traditional housewife styles on the 1950's.

Its is fully tailored and structured to fit perfectly and give you an amazing silhouette.


Handmade to order only in UK sizes 6-32 or made to measure to any measurements as no extra costs.


Please email us if you need further information.


Alice Crowley - The Devil's Housewife Dress

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