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So the Dark Lord took himself a wife.....

"A wife?" we hear you say!

Yep, he took himself a "little wife" - her name was Alice

But Alice wasn't the little wife our Dark Lord thought she was!

For Alice was a gal with a deadly black heart....far more dark than that of her husband.

You see Alice came  from the family Crowley; a family so wicked even the most evil demon would quake in his boots!

And well, Alice has a plan; a plan which will see her become the most feared "little wife" in history.

Our Dark Lord is in for quite a surprise........

*Hand Crafted in dark & deadly cotton blend

*Fully lined

* Fully tailored and fitted, with a gathered net trim

* Handmade to Order in UK sizes 6 - 32 or Made to Measure

*Please email us if you need further information

*Please supply sizing or measurements at checkout via Paypal.


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